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The history of the Château de Messey estate begins with the acquisition of a 7ha85 wood in the village of Cruzille by Marc Dumont. This terroir, planted and operated by the monks of Cluny in the 12th century is classified as a Mâcon-Cruzille

appellation. The planting of this fairly high-altitude vineyard (« clos ») began in 1989.

Three years later, it was time to have the first harvest…. The vinification took place at the Château de Messey in Ozenay. This Romanesque fortress, with two wings facing each other, was built between the XIth and XVIth century, has
been home to many harvests throughout its history until 1958. Thirty-five years later, the beautiful vaulted cellars once again hosted fermenting wines! In the same year, a parcel of Mâcon-Chardonnay was planted opposite the Château
on the terroir called “les Crêts”.

Today, the estate has grown well. We operate two clos without neighbor in two appellations.

Our Clos des Avoueries is a monopoly, which today has 5.30 ha of vines in the Mâcon-Cruzille appellation. The historical parcel of the estate is an enclosed vineyard with boxwood, small oaks and murgers. It is exposed to the east facing
the Mont Blanc and is situated at an altitude (400 m), which allows to keep a lot of freshness in the wines. Its terroir, very particular in the Mâconnais, is composed of a thin layer of red clay on a very compact limestone slab.
The Mineral Spirit!

Our Mâcon-Chardonnay “Les Crêts” comes from a 5 hectares vineyard, also without any direct neighbour. Facing East, its terroir is composed of white limestone. Younger, it produces round, gourmet and rich wines. Very Mâconnais!